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CPM Software (taken from

Text A Wordstar 2.2, 3.0 or 3.3 addon to allow graphics printing Wordstar 3.3 for CP/M-86 DataStar for CP/M-80 SuperSort for CP/M-80 WordMaster for CP/M-80 WordStar 3.3 for CP/M-80/Kaypro Magic Wand word processor. Configured for Heath/Zenith 19 or 89. Will also work on the Zorba since that machine uses H19 emulation.
MIXED110.ZIP Mix Editor v1.1.0
PERF103.ZIP Perfect Writer v1.03
WS30.ZIP Wordstar V3.0
TED86.ZIP TED for CP/M-86
WS4.ARK Wordstar 4.0
WS226.ZIP Wordstar v2.26 [May be German]
SPELSTAR.ZIP SpellStar v3.30
VSPELL.ZIP VSpell v1.06
NW.ZIP NewWord v3.01 for CP/M-86. WS3 derivative. Author company was purchased by MicroPro and NewWord was re-released as WordStar 4.0 [History by submittor]
PIE.ZIP A "Nifty little text editor" for the H/Z-89 Will also work on computers that emulate the H/Z-89. Docs included.
WS4.TXT Patch info for WS4
WS4_MBEE.ZIP Wordstar 4.0 for the MicroBee
FFONT.ZIP Fancy Fonts document printer
FFONTDOC.ZIP Documentation for Fancy Fonts
PROOFRED.ZIP Proofreader v4.10 - Grammar checker
S_WRITER.ZIP SuperWriter v1.02 word processor
T_MAKER2.ZIP T/Maker v4.01 Word processor/database/spreadsheet
THEWORD.ZIP The Word word processor
SMARTKEY.ZIP SmartKey II WordStar addon
PEACHTXT.ZIP This file is PeachText 5000 circa 06/1983. PeachText is a WordStar work-alike, and also includes PeachCalc V2.10. I believe this is set up for a Kaypro IV, but I have no way of testing that presently.
TEX.ZIP Digital Research TEX v1.0
VEDIT_D1.ZIP Disk #1 of V-Edit Plus v2.33b
VEDIT_D2.ZIP Disk #2 of V-Edit Plus v2.33b

Operating system

ALTOS.ZIP ALTOS ACS8000 files, including some Teledisk images of 8-inch disks
TARBELL.ZIP Tarbell BIOSes and files for CP/M-2.2, CP/M-3 and MP/M-II. [Date Posted: 13Oct00] ----------------------
CPM-2SQ.ZIP Super Quad CP/M v2.0 - SUPERBIOS
SUPERBIOS.ZIP Superbios source files - includes docs for creating bootable disks.
TRBODOS12.ZIP TurboDOS v1.22 with documentation. 2 Disk Set.
STDCPM22.ZIP Standard CP/M v2.2 with BIOS and CBIOS sources included.
COMPUPRO.ZIP This is a huge archive (about 6MB) that contains a goldmine of goodies. Included are Concurrent CP/M-86, CDOS-816, CP/M-68k, MP/M-816 and more! There are PAL sources as well as firmware sources for both CompuPro and Morrow systems.
DRIPAK.ZIP Here is another large archive (about 8MB). This amazing archive contains CCP/M-86, CP/M-68k, CP/M-80 versions 1.3, 1.4, 2.2 and 3.0. Also included are CP/M-86, CP/Net, C-86, Display Manager, Personal CP/M, MP/M 1 and 2, Pascal MT+, PLI, PLM, RMAC and ZSid.
JONOSCPM.ZIP CP/M 3.0 for Jonos computers.
KAYPRO2X.ZIP Full set of Kaypro 2X distribution disks.
KAYPROII.ZIP Full set of Kaypro II distribution disks.
KAYMISC.ZIP Miscellaneous Kaypro software.
IMDOS.ZIP IMDOS for Imsai computers
VIO-C.ZIP VIO-C for Imsai computers.
MPM86-21E.ZIP MP/M-86 v2.1e [3 disk set]
MPM86-21I.ZIP MP/M-86 v2.1i [2 disk set]
MPM_ALTOS.ZIP MP/M-80 II/Altos v2.15S1
MPM_DR.ZIP MP/M-80 II v2.1
MPM-GEN.ZIP MP/M II v2.1 sysgen tools [?]
MPM20.ZIP MP/M II v2.0 ================ ZSDOS/ZDDOS GPL Release =============== ZSDOS (Z-System DOS) and the Companion ZDDOS (Z-System DOS with Embedded DateStamper) are enhanced replacements for the CP/M 2.2 Basic Disk Operating System. ZSDOS was a commercial product sold from 1988 through 1998 when the complete package (including source code) was released under the GNU General Public License. These four packages comprise the GPL release:
ZSDOS2.ZIP Support Executables and misc files.
ZSDOS3.ZIP ASCII version of the Manual (formfeeds delimit pages)
ZSDOS4.ZIP Source Code of key utilities
CCPRO_CCPM.ZIP Additional CompuPro Concurrent CP/M BIOS code.

Misc Communications software.
MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-80
MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-86
ANDRA.ZIP Andratech EPROM programmer software
BBUG13.ZIP Big Bord user disk #13 [Micro Cornucopia]
CGRAPH.ZIP Clermont Graphics plotting package
WHM.ZIP Write Hand Man v2.1
LADDER.ZIP Game of Ladder for CP/M
ROOTS_M.ZIP Roots/M v1.04 Geneolgy Program
ZRT80.ZIP "ZRT-80 CRT terminal board - manual, schematics, and rom images (manufactured by Digital Research Computers)." In the early days, most CP/M computers (S100 and single-board) required a video terminal (video monitor / keyboard combination). The 'terminal' attached to the computer via a serial port. The ZRT-80 was a 'budget' terminal - a kit consisting of a single pcb to which one added a parallel ascii keyboard and video monitor. As many were sold, they are likely to turn up on the surplus market. I thought it would be a good idea to preserve the manual/schematics etc for anyone needing it.
POWER.COM POWER.COM is a CP/M program which is "a compact package of system housekeeping utilities and sophisticated memory/disk monitor functions that will replace many of the separate now cluttering your disk. POWER has been designed to give maximum freedom to the CP/M user with special features such as numbered menus and user protection devices...."
VGFILES.ZIP This zip file contains other zip files that were created from disks for a Vector Graphics CP/M machine. The disks were mostly CP/M 1.4 with a couple of CP/M 2.2 disks thrown in. There are a couple of interesting things with this set - in files VG05, VG13 and VG20 you will find WordStar v0.87. That isn't a typo. The archive also includes various versions of CBASIC and MBASIC as well as a version of Ward Christensen's RESOURCE 8080 disassembler. Documentation for this is included.


AZTEC_C86_V3_2D_MANUAL.ZIP Manual for Aztec C (CP/M-86 version). MS Word format.
TOOLS86.ZIP Digital Research RASM86, CP/M and DOS binaries.
PROGUTL.ZIP Digital Research RASM86, documentation (plain text format). BDS C is now freeware! Check it out at
The BDS Homepage!
AZ106D.ZIP Aztec C v1.06D Professional for CP/M-80
M801.COM MACRO-80 with 6502 code gen option via the .6502 directive.
BASCOM53.ZIP Microsoft BASIC Compiler v5.3 See below for a different version if this doesn't work for you. Microsoft BASIC Interpreter v5.21 Turbo Pascal 3.0 for CP/M-86
L80.COM Microsoft Link-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81)
M80.COM Microsoft MACRO-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81)
F80.ZIP Microsoft Fortran-80 v3.4
MSCOBOL.ZIP Microsoft COBOL v4.65
QSCREEN.ZIP QuickScreen screen generator Includes LYNXB linker for Microsoft BASCOM [I believe this is a BASIC code generator for designing text input screens.]
TPAS30.ZIP Turbo Pascal 3.0 for CP/M-80
APLZ11.ZIP APL/Z v1.1 for Z-80 [AP/L intepreter]
C80V31.ZIP The Software Toolworks C80 v3.1
C80V30.ZIP The Software Toolworks C80 v3.0a
MI_C.ZIP MI C [C compiler. All in German]
LISP80.ZIP The Software Warehouse LISP/80 v1.1
MICROB.ZIP FairCom Micro B+ Database libraries [I _think_] DSD80.ZIP Software Advances DSD-80, full screen Z-80 symbolic debugger v1.4 [Removed by Request] DSD-80 is still available through
The Computer Journal
MBASIC52.ZIP Microsoft BASIC v5.22 for CP/M-86
MODULA2.ZIP FTL Modula 2 v1.14
MIX-C.ZIP Mix C v2.0 for CP/M-80
TPAS10.ZIP Turbo Pascal v1.0 for CP/M-80
MASM-80.ZIP Microsoft M80, straight from the 8" distribution
MITEKZ80.ZIP Mitek Z-80 Assembler, linker & debugger
SLRASM.ZIP SLR Z-80 assembler
Z80TOOLS.ZIP Z-80 Toolbook [Orig. 3 disks]
TURBODBT.ZIP Turbo Database Toolbox for Turbo Pascal 3.0, CP/M-80
SLRDIS.ZIP SLR Z-80 Disassembler v1.2
AZTEC302.ZIP Aztec C v3.02 for CP/M-86
ALGOL.ZIP Algol compiler for CP/M-80
CB80.ZIP DRI CBASIC-80 BASIC Compiler MALBASIC.COM Mallard BASIC with Jetsam (removed by request)
OBASIC.COM Microsoft BASIC v4.51
TP_301A.ZIP Turbo Pascal v3.01a
MACRO-80.PDF PDF Documentation for Microsoft Macro-80
LIB-80.PDF PDF Documentation for Microsoft LIB-80
LINK-80.PDF PDF Documentation for Microsoft LINK-80
CREF-80.PDF PDF Documentation for Microsoft CREF-80
TURBOM2.ZIP Borland Turbo Modula 2
FTL-M2.ZIP FTL Modula 2 v1.30
MBASREF.ZIP MBASIC 5.21 docs in PDF format
SLR_MAN.ZIP Manuals for SLRLNK and Z80ASM
ZSID.ZIP ZSID (symbolic debugger) with TRACE and HIST extension modules from DRI
DIS.COM DIS - Super CP/M Z80 disassembler v4.0 from Micro com
BASCOM.ZIP Microsoft BASIC Compiler. Should work on most systems.
Z-80MASM.ZIP 2500 A.D. Software Z-80 Macrom Assembler, v3.00a
8748.ZIP 2500 A.D. Software 8748 Cross Assemberl, v3.00a
Z8.ZIP 2500 A.D. Software Z8 Cross Assembler, v3.00c
Z8000.ZIP 2500 A.D. Software Z8000 Cross Assembler, v4.01
802Z8000.ZIP 2500 A.D. Software 8080/Z-80 to Z8000 source code translator v2.06e
BUG-UBUG.ZIP Bug/uBug v2.02 (debugger?)
TINY_C.ZIP "Tiny C". Circa 1979
ALGOL-M.ZIP ALGOL-M compiler, v1.1
BDSCUG.ZIP Files from the BDS C user group. Some neat stuff here.
TOOLBOX.ZIP Borland Turbo Toolbox
TPASCAL1.ZIP Borland Turbo Pascal v1.00 for CP/M-80 and -86
JRTPAS.ZIP JRT Pascal v2.2
JRTPAS30.ZIP JRT Pascal v3.0
JRTPAS40.ZIP JRT Pascal v4.0
NEVFORT.ZIP Nevada Fortran v3.0
PASCALZ4.ZIP Pascal/Z for CP/M-80 v4.0 [4 disk set]
JANADA14.ZIP Janus ADA v1.4.5
JANADA15.ZIP Janus ADA v1.5.0 [4 disk set]
MUMPS-SR.ZIP MUMPS Source code. [2 disk set]
MUMPS4.ZIP ---------- This is the last Z-80 version for CP/M of the MUMPS programming language (version: 4.0). It official name is: "Z-80 MUMPS vers 4.0" (even if the doc files speak of "MicroMUMPS").
MBASIC.ZIP ---------- Microsoft MBASIC v5.29, .COM only.


NEMESIS.ZIP WELCOME to Nemesis...a unique role-playing game modeled after the Dungeons and Dragons epic simulations. Very generally, Nemesis is set in pre-history in a world not unlike the one described by J.R.R. Tolkien in the "Rings' trilogy. The object of the game is to explore all levels of the dungeons...and survive.
CCGAMES.ZIP A collection of the games from Creative Computing's BASIC Games
SARGON.ZIP Sargon chess game - no docs.
ZORK123_80.ZIP Zork I, II & III for CP/M-80
ZORK123_86.ZIP Zork I, II & III for CP/M-86
MANYGAME.ZIP Huge collection of CP/M text adventures.

Dbase dBase II v2.4 (01-Apr-83)
DBASEII.ZIP dBase II v2.43, Originally for Kaypro
DBASE86.ZIP dBase II v2.41 for CP/M-86
DBTOOLS.ZIP Misc dBase tools/utils.
CONDORJR.ZIP Condor Jr 2.09 AL01
CARDFILE.ZIP CardFile v1.2 - Simple card file database
WHATSIT.ZIP WHATSIT is "Wow! How'd All That Stuff get In There?", a free-form database that's really pretty clever for it's time (1975). This archive contains the binaries and a README for usage.
WHATSRC.ZIP This archive contains BASIC source code for the NorthStar Horizon.
ASHTONPAK.ZIP Includes: ABStat v3.03, dBASE II for CP/M-80 & 86, dbPower, dUtil, dUtil2, PMate, QuickCode and Zip v2.41
FRIDAY.ZIP Version: 1.0 OS: CP/M 2.2+ System: Video configured for H19/H89/Z100 Description: Friday! is a menu driven database from Ashton Tate that uses the dBase II runtime package. It provides the ability to create, enter and retrieve data as well as generate simple reports.


MONYMAES.zipMoney Maestro for CP/M. Note, rename 'CPM' to 'COM' to use.
SC2_CPM86.ZIPSuperCalc2 v1.0 for CP/M-86 Super Calc
SC.HLP Super Calc help file
SC2.ZIP Super Calc v2(?)
MULTIPLN.ZIP Microsoft Multiplan v1.03 for Osborne
MULTPLAN.ZIP Microsoft Multiplan w/terminal installer
MICROSTA.ZIP Micro Stat statistics program
MP_105.ZIP Microsoft MultiPlan v1.05 w/installer
PLAN80.ZIP Plan-80 Spreadsheet software
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